Why Choose Exclusive Motors of Roseville?

What We Do For You

Exclusive Motors Provides an Unforgettable Car Buying and Servicing Experience

Browse our wide array of vehicles or tell us what you’re looking for and we will find it for you. You don’t have to spend hours and hours online or drive from dealer to dealer when you choose Exclusive Motors.

We Save You Money

With the modern network of online marketing, we realize that customers satisfaction is key to operating a functional business. We price competitively to virtually eliminate haggle with the usual back & forth. We also have hundreds of credit unions and banks at our fingertips and always pay more for your trade-in.

We are your advocate

Dealerships always want you to take what they have and settle for something they want you to buy. At Exclusive Motors, we want you to get exactly what you want. This directly corresponds to our customer satisfaction policies.

Like Other Emerging Dealerships – We Offer Delivery

No waiting for hours to do all the paperwork, waiting to go through the finance process, or waiting for your vehicle to be detailed. We can get everything done and delivered to your door, just ask us how.

Our Commitment is to YOU for the Long Haul

It’s too often that dealerships sell a car to a customer and don’t follow up on any concerns the customer has which may have gone unnoticed during the test-drive. We ALWAYS do our best to take care of customers because; no matter how well you service a vehicle, you never know if something may have slipped through the cracks or went unnoticed by even the most experienced technicians.

Think about what customers have to say about most dealerships, and then see what OUR customers have to say. With integrity at the forefront; We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Dealership Marketing Specials:  February 2019

Exclusive Motors Auto Sales Deal Specials

Every car we sell in the month of February, we will be donating $100 of each sell to a nonprofit organization called 3 Build Global.

This nonprofit organization is a group of individuals who travel to Haiti every couple times a year to build homes for the less fortunate single moms.

Each home costs about $1000.  So, the purchase of a car makes a huge impact on these women and their children.

We will also give the customer a certificate saying that part of their purchase is going to a great cause.

Here is the link to the Charity Website: https://3buildglobal.org/

Exclusive Motors Auto Service Specials

With the rainy season approaching, anytime a customer comes and pays for a service payment of over $300; they will receive a free pair of windshield wipers.

This can be saved for another time of need or we can install right then and there for free!

The customer only has to mention how they heard of this deal in order to get the wipers, we will not offer them to everyone without the Ad or Webpage being mentioned.

This is what makes it a Special Deal, right?

* All Ads, Deals and Special Offerings described on this webpage are limited to the time period of the Month and Year listed above and for no other timeframe.  Please contact the Sales or Services Manager for further details and specifics of such service, sale and warranty items which are offered at the discretion of Exclusive Motors Management.